Home Decorating Ideas For Small Home Owners

If you are the owner of a small home, it doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped and crowded. In fact, a small home can be just as warm and inviting as a larger home – particularly if you put these home decorating ideas to work for you.

The first thing you need to do with a smaller home is to get organized. While organization may not be the most exciting of the home decorating ideas you can explore, you will find that being organized helps you keep track of your belongings while also keeping your home less cluttered. Keeping your home free of clutter is important because clutter makes a home look smaller and, of course, it also makes it difficult to get around!

In addition to getting your home organized, other home decorating ideas for smaller homes involve getting rid of walls whenever possible. If you are prepared to do some renovations in your house, try knocking out walls between rooms so you can make the rooms appear larger and more airy. A great place to take out a wall is between the dining room and the kitchen. This will open up the room while also helping to update your home.

Creative use of windows is also essential when it comes to home decorating ideas that make your home look bigger. By increasing the amount of lighting in your home, you will be able to fool the eye into thinking the space is bigger. You might not be able to afford putting in larger windows, but simply opening up the blinds or pulling back the curtains will allow the light to enter your home and reflect off of the walls to make your rooms look bigger.

Choose a light, monochromatic color palette to make your small home feel more open. Soft, cool colors and neutrals work particularly well for walls, window treatments and upholstery. Select furniture and accessories that stays within the same color family in order to create a sense of flow that will keep the eye moving and allow it to take in all the available space.

When furnishing and decorating a small home, plan storage for each room first since that is so important. A mix of storage designs looks best… from closed cabinets to open ones for an airy look. If you are planning to live in the home for quite some time, consider built-in storage. If you aren’t planning to stay long, opt for standalone storage.

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